mg娱乐电子·(中国)游戏网站是中国星月玩具有限公司简称“mg娱乐电子游戏网站”是一家集研发、生产、销售于一体的专业玩具公司。工厂位于广东省东莞市,厂房面积四十万平方米, 拥有完备的注塑、电子贴片、绑定装饰、车缝、装配等多种工艺生产设备和严格的品质控制系统,员工三千多人,专业生产各类塑胶、电子、毛绒类制品,mg娱乐电子游戏网站玩具年产量达三千多万个。mg娱乐电子游戏网站拥有独立的实验室和先进的检测仪器设备,不但能完成常规的机械物理测试,还能进行最新欧盟法规要求的ROHS测试、7R的测试等等。星月所有产品已通过ISO9000、CCC、C-TPAT、ICTI、出口mg娱乐电子游戏网站玩具质量认可(注册登记)证书等多项国内外权威的质量认证;并获得了如麦当劳、可口可乐、迪士尼等国际级客户的COC审核。 星月品牌始创于1995年,一直致力于研发适合不同年龄段孩童的mg娱乐电子游戏网站玩具产品,一直以陪伴儿童成长、促进儿童身心发展和为中国儿童提供世界先进水平的玩具为宗旨。在mg娱乐电子游戏网站玩具开发及生产标准上坚持与国际玩具同步,凭借先进的研发理念及优秀的产品质量,“星月”品牌先后荣获国内权威机构颁发的“广东省名牌”、“中国mg娱乐电子游戏网站玩具行业十大标志性品牌”等殊荣,多年来mg娱乐电子游戏网站产品在各级mg娱乐电子游戏网站玩具大赛及评选活动中屡创佳绩。星月公司拥有一套专业、规范、诚信、效率的服务理念,为产品的推广和销售奠定了良好的基础。公司营销网络遍布全国,在北京、上海、广东、武汉等多个一线省市,直营百货商场专柜一百多家,与TRUmg娱乐电子游戏网站玩具反斗城、各大母婴连锁等专卖渠道建立了紧密合作,全国各地分销网点上千家。 



  mg Entertainment Electronics·(China) Game Website is the abbreviation of China Xingyue Toys Co., Ltd. "MG Entertainment Electronic Games Website" is a professional toy company integrating R&D, production and sales. The factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with a plant area of 400,000 square meters. It has complete production equipment for injection molding, electronic patches, binding decoration, sewing, assembly and other processes and a strict quality control system. It has more than 3,000 employees and is professional It produces various plastic, electronic, and plush products, with an annual output of more than 30 million toys. Our company has an independent laboratory and advanced testing equipment. It can not only complete conventional mechanical and physical tests, but also conduct ROHS tests, 7R tests, etc. required by the latest EU regulations. All Xingyue products have passed ISO9000,, CCC, C-TPAT, ICTI, certificate of quality accreditation (registration) of export toys and other authoritative quality certificates at home and abroad, and have been approved by COC of international customers such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Disney. Star Moon brand was founded in 1995, has been committed to the development of toys for children of different ages, has been to accompany children's growth, promote children's physical and mental development and provide Chinese children with the world's advanced level of toys for the purpose. In toy development and production standards, we adhere to the synchronization with international toys. With advanced research and development concept and excellent product quality, Star Moon brand has been awarded the honors of "Guangdong Brand" and "Top Ten Signature Brands of China Toy Industry" by domestic authoritative agencies. For many years, Star Moon toy products have been awarded toys at all levels. Excellent results have been achieved in competitions and selection activities. Star Moon Company has a set of professional, standardized, honest and efficient service concept, which lays a good foundation for product promotion and sales. The company's marketing network is all over the country. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Wuhan and other first-tier provinces and cities, there are more than 100 department stores directly operating. It has established close cooperation with TRU Toy Counter City, major mother-child chains and other monopoly channels, and has thousands of distribution outlets throughout the country.